Digital Humanities and Social Sciences @ UQ

The Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Queensland (DHSS@UQ) supports new forms of Humanities and Social Sciences scholarship that focus on the use of technology and data as subject of research or as tools to acquire new academic insights.

DHSS@UQ brings together an interdisciplinary group of humanities researchers, social scientists, computer scientists and research librarians to work on collaborative digital research projects. It is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Research Computing Centre and the University Library.


DHSS@UQ offers a range of activities to support digital research at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Support is provided through the delivery of digital research training, promote digital research collaborations, individualised digital research advice and consulting on digital research projects.

Digital research training

The scale of data and computation power available today challenges traditional research practices and requires the acquisition of new analysis and digital literacy skills.

The graduate seminar series in digital research delivered by the Centre for Digital Scholarship is designed to introduce Higher Degree Research students and Early Career Researchers to a broad range of digital research methods and tools.

For more information please contact the DHSS@UQ program manager Marco Fahmi.

Promoting digital research collaborations

DHSS@UQ Fellowships are designed to create opportunities for researchers to develop their digital scholarship portfolio and engage with the digital research community.

The faculty invites confirmed PhD students to apply to the DHSS@UQ Graduate Digital Research Fellowship. The fellowships enable PhD students to carry out a digital research project over 12 months.

Digital researchers from outside the University of Queensland are invited to apply to become Visiting DHSS@UQ Scholars. Scholars take up short residencies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

For more inormation about these opportunities, please contact the DHSS@UQ program manager Marco Fahmi.

Digital research consulting and advice

If you are seeking advice on digital research in general or want to start a digital research project, contact DHSS@UQ program manager Marco Fahmi.

The Centre for Digital Scholarship also offers practical advice on how to use digital research tools and access data collections.

News and events

Find out about DHSS@UQ activities and events on Facebook.


DHSS@UQ program manager: Marco Fahmi