Australian and international employers want UQ's humanities and social sciences graduates because their knowledge, skills and experience add value to strategic goals from day one.

These are gained through top-quality programs that give you a competititve edge in the job market.

We support students seeking internships for developing valuable workplace competencies and boosting self-confidence. These opportunities expand networks and often lead directly to employment.

We offer close to 60 unique, work-integrated learning courses. Depending on your program, opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • participation in the Alberese Material Culture Field School in Tuscany, Italy
  • assisting at on-site visits in Greece
  • producing and directing your own film
  • visiting places of worship (Abrahamic, Asian and contemporary religions and spirituality)
  • writing a narrative travel article
  • becoming the dramaturg and developing a short play
  • performing a musical piece at QPAC
  • helping to prevent premature deaths in developing nations by crafting a submission to the United Nations
  • interning at a government or non-government organisation
  • interviewing a religious or spiritual leader and turning your data into a research paper.

Past students have also interned at: Bula’bula Arts Aboriginal Art Centre in Arnhem Land, Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Theatre Company, La Boite Theatre Company, Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble and the State Library of Queensland.

In addition to our world-class researchers, courses are delivered by industry professionals, spanning from the Queensland Governor General’s key speechwriter to the expert data miner who created Leximancer software.  Up to 50 percent of course assessment can be drawn from: fieldwork, participation, mini-projects and an analysis of exhibitions.