Digital Cultures & Societies - Inaugural Lightning Talks

Digital Cultures & Societies is hosting two Lightning Talks events for researchers in HASS to share and discuss their research. The event is open to any researchers in the Faculty who are working on ‘the digital’ – broadly defined! The purpose of these events is for researchers in the Faculty to hear the broad range of work HASS researchers are doing on digital cultures & societies, and to use that as a basis for fashioning shared themes, working groups and projects.

The Lightning Talks will be half-day sessions featuring five minute talks.

The dates and times are:

  • Lightning talks 1: Friday 1 April from 9am to 12pm 
  • Lightning talks 2: Friday 8 April from 1pm to 5pm 

The events will be in hybrid format. Ideally we’d like to have presenters in the room, but happy to facilitate Zoom presentations. And, happy for Zoom attendees. 

If you would like to attend and listen in to the talks please contact us to register. Please download the Program which includes talk descriptions and speaker details.

Any questions please email Nic or Rachel at