Public talk with Mark Taylor: Living with Data

This event will ask attendees to challenge assumptions about the relationship between awareness of and attitudes to data uses amongst the UK public

  • When: Monday 28 November 2022, 12-1pm
  • Where: Michie Building (9) - The Writer's Studio (612) Level 6, UQ

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About this event

The dominant belief around the use of data is that as people become more knowledgeable about how their data is used, the more comfortable they will be. However, could it be that people who are more aware of data practices are in fact more concerned by what they know? This presentation will use data from the UK-based Living with Data project to answer this question.

This talk will be followed by an open discussion.


Dr Mark Taylor is Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods at the Sheffield Methods Institute at the University of Sheffield, UK. His work focuses on social inequalities in arts and culture: in audiences, workforces, and governance. Methodologically, he's interested in survey methods, social network analysis, and data visualisation. He's the author of Culture Is Bad For You (Manchester University Press, 2020), with Orian Brook and Dave O'Brien.


Interested in examining the reception of digital bodies, Abbie Victoria Trott researches postdigital theatre with audiences. Teaching theatre and performance at a tertiary level since 2014, she is an experienced stage and production manager across community theatre, circus, and multimedia performance. Abbie lectures in Drama at the University of Queensland and is working at Deakin University on a project about audience diversity and organisational change.

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