School-to-work transition and well-being in Australia

Thu 2 Mar 2017 2:15pm3:15pm


Level 2, Cycad Building (1018)
The University of Queensland Long Pocket Precinct
80 Meiers Road
Room 201

Speaker: Dr Hans Dietrich

The school-to-work transition is a demanding period within the life course. This is because young people are required to make a number of significant and long-lasting decisions regarding their education and employment during their adolescent years (Ryan 2001). Failing at school or higher education, becoming unemployed or joining the labour market with a precarious employment contract can create negative impacts on their future life course. This period is also a sensitive time for adolescents in terms of their personal development and social relations (Mayer 2009). Differences in well-being and mental health are
possible outcomes of this stage (Schulenberg 2004), and these in turn may impact on individuals’ further educational, labour market related and social life (Western & Tomaszewski 2016). This seminar will discuss the investigation of HILDA data to explore the relationship between the school-to-work-transition period and individuals’ (subjective) wellbeing.

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