Research in humanities and social sciences is undergoing a dramatic shift in the era of big data towards processing and analysing increasingly large scale diverse data in both spatial and computational contexts. The rapidly expanding applications of geographic information systems (GIS) is a direct response to this shift. In this seminar, three case studies will be presented in which GIS-based data analysis and modelling are pivotal to assist the understanding and empirical testing of socio-geographical theories.

Dr Yan Liu’s research focuses on complex system modelling and geo-simulation to describe, understand, model and predict environment and human interaction and change processes and much more, which will be discussed during the Seminar.

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Seminar: Spatially Integrated HASS Research Using GIS Technologies

Tue 13 Sep 2016 1:15pm2:15pm


Room 201, Level 2, Cycad Building # 1018, The University of Queensland Long Pocket Campus, 80 Meiers Road, Indooroopill