A lot of diplomatic communication is visual, and yet the topic remains almost unstudied. Given that diplomacy involves embodied performances, the visual is an inevitable and constitutive aspect of diplomacy. The purpose of this workshop is to explore these links. We pay particular attention to how visual diplomacy is intertwined with popular culture, from social media to representations in photography, film and television.

To register, please contact Roland Bleiker at bleiker@ uq.edu.au or Shreya Singh at shreya.singh@uq.edu.au.

Postgraduate students and early career researchers are particularly welcome.

About Visual Politics Seminar Series

Listed below are the past and upcoming sessions of the Visual Poltics Seminar Series. Beginning from September 2016, the majority of seminars can be heard on the UQ POLSIS YouTube channel. If you would like more details, have any questions, or if you would like to present your own work please contact Prof Roland Bleiker at bleiker@uq.edu.au