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Join us as Dr Helen Berents of the Queensland University of Technology presents a Visual Politics seminar on 'Grievable Little Lives: Images of Children's Death in Conflict and Crisis'.

This paper explores images of dead children in conflict and crisis. In it, I look at both award winning images as well as images that gained traction on social media including dead boys lying on the beach such as Alan Kurdi in 2015 and the Bakr boys killed on the Gazan beach in 2014; or tiny bodies clutched by grieving fathers such as the 2013 World Press Photo winner of dead Palestinian children, and Abdel Hameed Alyousef embracing his dead 9-month-old twins in Syria in 2017. I focus in this paper on dead children’s bodies, rather than children in distress, following others in this space to argue for the importance of the corpse as a significant subject in IR (Auchter 2016). I ask how such images challenge contemporary frameworks in which, to invoke Butler (2004, 2010), some lives are apprehendable as living and grievable and some are not.

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