This public roundtable presents insights from an interdisciplinary research project that explores how the Korean peninsula has been imagined, represented and displayed through images during critical historical and contemporary moments over the past century. Key questions we ask are: How did visual representations influence the material, social, political and cultural transformation on the Korean peninsula? What types of political insights can emerge from an appreciation of images and other visual artefacts?


With Michael Kim (Yonsei); Kyounghee Moon (Changwon); Danielle Chubb (Deakin); Shine Choi (Massey); Dong Bae Lee (UQ) and Min Jung Jee (UQ). Coordinated by Roland Bleiker (UQ), David Chapman (UQ) and David Shim (Groningen).


Limited seats are also available for a two day workshop that is held on 19-20 July. Please contact Roland Bleiker at or Shreya Singh at with expressions of interest.

About Visual Politics Seminar Series

Listed below are the past and upcoming sessions of the Visual Politics Seminar Series. Beginning from September 2016, the majority of seminars can be heard on the UQ POLSIS YouTube channel. If you would like more details, have any questions, or if you would like to present your own work please contact Prof Roland Bleiker at


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