Presented by Dr Nick Heron, Dr Garth Stahl and Professor Kim Wilkins

Reading and understanding theoretical concepts is only part of the work of an academic. Making these concepts meaningful in your own writing is crucial to a strong conceptual framework, and to the depth and quality of your analysis. This session helps you find ways to
integrate theory in your writing, find theoretical ideas in adjacent disciplines, and help you bring theory and practice together.


Each of these HASS Research HDR Training Workshops in 2021 will be for worth 1 Career Development Scholarship Extension (CDSE) point, with a limit of 5 points (maximum) for eligible CDF Sessions. More information on eligible CDF sessions is located here- Guide to activities required for Career Development Scholarship Extension (CDSE) eligibility.

About HASS Research HDR Training Workshops

These sessions are intended to compliment the workshops already provided by The Graduate School, with content that is more suitable for and specific to HASS HDR students.

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