Presented by A/Professor Jason Lodge

This workshop will help to situate researchers into the emerging expectations associated with the Open Science movement. Peer-reviewed journals and HDR examiners are increasingly expecting greater transparency and rigour in quantitative methods. This workshop will provide both an introduction to Open Science and guidance about how best to engage in research practices aligned with these new expectations. Participants will take away a solid grounding in the Open Science Framework and associated transparent research practices.


Each of these HASS Research HDR Training Workshops in 2021 will be for worth 1 Career Development Scholarship Extension (CDSE) point, with a limit of 5 points (maximum) for eligible CDF Sessions. More information on eligible CDF sessions is located here- Guide to activities required for Career Development Scholarship Extension (CDSE) eligibility.

About HASS Research HDR Training Workshops

These sessions are intended to compliment the workshops already provided by The Graduate School, with content that is more suitable for and specific to HASS HDR students.

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