The [Unofficial] HASS Declassified SWOTVAC Survival Guide: A First Year’s Guide to SWOTVAC

Hello freshers!

Welcome to the first ever HASS Student Declassified SWOTVAC Survival Guide!

This guide was designed by four seasoned UQ HASS students to help first years navigate the examination period. This is our 'How to Guide ' for getting through your first End of Semester Exams, complete with everything you need to know, from an explanation of what the SWOTVAC abbreviation means to tips and tricks on how to destress!

We hope you will find this useful to your exam preparations now and in future semesters :)

Best of luck for your exams!

Bailey, Courtney, Jodi and Jolin

Message from HASS Student Futures Team

Bailey, Courtney, Jodi and Jolin were among a group of HASS students who volunteered to be part of the Digital Projects Team, a pilot program that invited students to discuss what unprecedented needs had emerged since our sudden tradition to online and which of these could they support their peers in. Bailey, Courtney, Jodi and Jolin chose to design this guide in only a few short weeks to support students who would be preparing for their first UQ exams by sharing their tried and tested, tips and tricks as experienced HASS Students. A big thank you to Bailey, Courtney, Jodi and Jolin for finding the time to put this together in such a busy time of semester!