How Coco's Work and Life Have Changed Since COVID-19

These past few weeks have been really interesting as a teacher as the learning-from-home took place. I have to think about ways that I can communicate with my students as well as possible. Especially with math, explanations are the key. I can’t just leave students to do the textbook questions without explaining the concept to them first. So what I did was to take videos of me explaining the concept and share them on our OneNote class notebook. Luckily, I have already implemented technology into my daily teaching so I adapted to the style quickly and effectively.

Another aspect of my teaching is to focus on giving students valuable feedback without face-to-face interactions. The strategy is again taking videos of me marking their homework. I use software like obs to record what’s on my screen as well as my verbal feedback. I then put them on OneNote where students can access their individual feedback. By doing this, I can make sure that I monitor students’ learning progress remotely and give them timely feedback.  

Teachers are adapters. I think whatever the world is turning into, we can quickly adapt and find ways to adjust our teaching in order to best help our students. That is just what we do every day.