How Michael's Work and Life Have Changed Since COVID-19

We asked the HASS Young Alumni Ambassadors to tell us something they had to give up or change for their work or daily activities. This is Michael's response: 

I have had to change my social life drastically as almost all of the meetups I usually go to have been cancelled due to the virus. This includes meeting with co-workers as I am now working entirely from home and only see them over Zoom. To compensate for this change, I have been seeking out alternate ways to maintain social contact over the internet and, when appropriate, in person. For instance, I have been ensuring that I have been staying in touch with my sister, who lives nearby. Likewise, I have been talking with my friends online and we are setting up virtual versions of the events we would normally run in person. At the same time, I’ve been careful to limit my exposure to news coverage of the virus so that I am only seeing the updates I need to know about rather than fixating on it at unnecessary and unhealthy levels. Having this online social network has helped a lot with this because it gives me something else to think about as well as a sense of normality.

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