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UQ offers four postgraduate programs that will equip you with the necessary analytical and practical skills for a career in government, non-government organisations and major project management.

This six-month program will introduce you to key elements of the international relations field. It will suit applicants with an approved degree, or a combination of post-secondary study and work experience.
This one-year program is suitable for students with an approved honours degree. It builds on core elements of international relations and has a range of elective courses to tailor your studies to meet your goals.
This 18-month program covers core and elective courses that focus on key elements of international relations. It is suitable for those with a qualification in the same area, or professional experience and a degree.
This two-year program is suitable for students with an approved degree in any discipline. It provides a base of fundamentals and allows you to advance your knowledge and skill through core and elective coursework.
Earn two sought-after master's qualifications in two years and gain essential knowledge about the relationships between international law, politics and business. Applicants must meet entry requirements for both programs.
This two-year dual degree allows students to develop a deeper understanding of international relations. It is ideal for those with an approved degree in both disciplines who meet minimum GPA requirements.

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