Leadership Examples

Semester 2 2019 saw our first HASS Leadership Program cohort!

Click on the tabs below to check out their final projects:

Briefcase Rummage

The idea that became Briefcase Rummage started as a way to help students feel more confident and able to make a strong first impression when stepping into an interview without the financial barriers of paying for industry appropriate clothing. From the idea to implementation, the Briefcase Rummage student team built relationships and networks that allowed them to take a sustainable and community approach by setting up donation bins and spreading the word to staff explaining the project and how to donate loved but no longer worn professional clothing. The students also partnered with UQ Life and UQ Careers and Employability. Check out their summary report for information on their outcomes.

Games Crafternoon

Games and Crafternoon started out with the goal of hosting a fun and engaging event that would encourage new and lasting friendships between international and domestic students. After weekly meeting and some debate, they chose to host a game night which led to Games and Crafternoon. Throughout the two hour event, teams competed in a range of hilariously creative games and activities followed by a shared dinner. Check out their summary report for information on their outcomes.

Psychology Career Acceleration Workshop

The Psychology Career Acceleration Workshop was an opportunity for psychology students to explore career options through a facilitated workshop and talks. The students who led this project took on the challenge to contact and build rapport with various industry professionals across Brisbane before finally securing three speakers with a psychology background from separate industries. They also researched and developed the workshop in which they facilitated various activities such as goal-setting and buddy networks. Check out their summary report for information on their outcomes.

Zen Workshop

The students who organised the Zen Workshop felt that students in their final semester of study experienced considerable stress and wanted to support them at the critical times of semester. After exploring a range of ideas and options they settled on a workshop with a yoga component to support current stress and a second component that taught practical meditation and mindfulness skills suitable to a range of environments. While organising the event the students reach out to UQ Sport and collaborated with them to deliver the workshop. Check out their summary report for information on their outcomes.

"So What?" Podcast

The "So What?" podcast was born from that seemingly never addressed but nonetheless uniting feel of uncertainty that many students experience when studying disciplines that do not have a certain and clear career trajectory. The "So What?" podcast student crew aimed to bring together members across the HASS community from commencing students straight out of high school to professors 20 years into their careers and share the surprising stories of how HASS degrees have come to shape the lives of graduates. Check out their summary report for information on their outcomes.