How will I know if the experience I have chosen meets the course objectives?

All experiences will be considered for PHSS2000 as long as they meet the course learning objectives set out in the Electronic Course Profile

The course objectives are: 

  1. Identify and apply course based learning to workplace practices or community settings
  2. Communicate and interact competently and professionally in the practice setting using a range of media
  3. Work productively, creatively and effectively with others
  4. Practice enterprise, initiative and innovation capabilities
  5. Identify and negotiate inclusiveness and diversity within workplace contexts

You will need to provide an explanation of how your experience meets these course learning objectives when you complete the Expression of Interest. 

How do I know if I have elective space within my program for this course?

If you are studying a Bachelor of Arts use the Program Planner to check you have space to take this elective. 

If you are studying another program within the HASS Faculty please refer to your specific program advice page.

How many hours of practical experience do I have to complete?

You must complete a minimum of 80 hours of practical experience. 120 hours is the recommended maximum, but this is a guideline only.

Does my experience have to be overseas?

No it does not. Your experience can be in Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia.

Can I get financial support for overseas experiences?

You may be eligible for financial support from the Student Employability Centre. Visit the website to see terms and conditions. 

You may also be eligible for financial assistance through other programs (the Startup Adventures through UQ Ventures are fully funded).  Please speak to the program coordinator of the relevant program if you have further questions. 

Can I claim hours for an experience I have already undertaken?

No you cannot claim hours for an experience already undertaken.

I already have a job, can I use this as my experience?

If your job enables you to meet the learning objectives of the course, and meets the requirements of an eligible experience, then it could serve as your experience for the course. This is at the discretion of the course coordinator.

Can I be paid for my experience (e.g. part-time job)?

Under Fair Work legislation, student placements (also known as vocational placements) are lawfully unpaid if they are part of a university course or program, and are approved in advance by the university.

However, if you find a paid opportunity which also fits the requirements of the course, you can be paid for your placement. UQ does not provide insurance coverage for paid placements – you would be considered an employee of the organisation and will be insured through them.

Do I need to complete the Expression of Interest if I have secured an experience through the Student Employability Centre?

Yes, everyone must complete the Expression of Interest regardless of the experience they intend to undertake.