You have the option of finding your own practical experience, or you can undertake a group industry project with one of our leading HASS industry partners. You will be working directly with the industry partner on unique projects that respond to a current and pressing need. Most projects require a small group of HASS students from a variety of disciplines with a range of skills to maximise project outcomes. 

In this video, a PHSS2000 student studying Archaeology and an industry partner from the Queensland Museum, share their experiences working together on a Group Industry Project in Summer Semester 2020: 

Further examples of past projects can be seen listed below. Note industry partners and projects will change every semester. Partners and projects are not confirmed until the course starts.

When completing your Expression of Interest, you will be asked to identify the skills you have and wish to develop, your study areas and your interests. Once your application has been accepted, the Course Coordinator will allocate you to a project based on the information you provide in the Expression of Interest. An aim of this course is to help you identify how your skills can be applied in ways you may not have anticipated. 

Once you have an idea of which practical experience you wish to undertake, whether it be an industry project, or another eligible experience as listed on the PHSS2000 webpage, then you can apply for the course by completing the Expression of Interest.

Note: Applications for Summer Semester 2021/2022 will open in August 2021.

Complete the PHSS2000 Expression Of Interest