Researcher biography

My research on Australian topics follows two themes: Australian university campus design, and architecture in Australian cultural policy. More broadly, my research on the history and contemporary practice of architecture and urban design engages with Australian work as a subject matter. Most recently, I have been involved in an ARC funded Discovery project as part of a national team looking at the history and future of the Australian university campus. A major outcome of this project is the forthcoming book Campus: Building Modern Australian Universities (UWA Publishing, 2021) to which I am a contributing author. I am also part of an ARC funded Discovery project looking at the place of architecture in contemporary arts and culture. As part of this project I have been researching Australian cultural policy, and the commissioning, curating and collecting of architecture by Australian cultural institutions. My research also informs teaching and curriculum development in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology at UQ. In 2021 I am involved in two projects to develop Indigenous and inter-cultural content for built environment and design education, as part of teams led by indigenous experts.