I love providing students with the proverbial 'nudge' that empowers them to take their first big step across the threshold of 'where/who I am now' and 'where/what I think I could be next'.  My background comes from alternative practices in education/experiential education, leadership & team development, and international higher education.

My work at UQ focusses on how we can provide an even better student experience in HASS.  I do this by developing and running new student-centred initiatives in HASS and by helping staff with their own project refinement and innovation.  Some of the things I am currently working on include:

Sem 2 2019

  • Building student digital community & communications in HASS,
  • Student voice & representation,
  • Making administrative processes for HASS students easier to understand,
  • Student lifecycles and preparedness for graduation

Everything I do involves working in partnership with students in some way, so if you have ideas for making HASS a better place or if you want to make something happen for HASS yourself, please get in touch!