Researcher biography

I trained as an art historian, curator of Australian art and creative producer. My current role as Associate Director, UQ Art Museum, straddles the creative, learning, strategic and operational functions of the Art Museum, and champions engagement with art by all disciplines of the University. I also teach the undergraduate Art History course Visual Arts Curating and Writing. Prior to joining UQ in 2016, I spent eight years in Melbourne. There, I commissioned and project managed cultural projects for Federation Square, completed a PhD in Art History and Theory at Monash University and served on the board of Blindside Artist Run Initiative. My research focuses on the notion of ‘the public’ for contemporary art, art in ‘public space’, and contemporary art and politics. Recently, my writing has been published in academic journals including Critical Arts and Seismopolite: Journal of Art and Politics. Currently, I am attempting to write about mainstream filmic representations of contemporary art and artists.