Researcher biography

I’m a musician and writer currently studying a Master of Writing, Editing and Publishing at UQ. In addition to my studies, I work in the HASS Indigenous Engagement Portfolio as a part of the Vice-Chancellor’s Graduate Program (Indigenous) – Research. I am a Wiradjuri and Indian woman who has grown up partly in the United States and partly in Brisbane. I graduated from my Bachelor of Arts from UQ in late 2019 and quickly moved into a graduate role at UQ. My role in the Indigenous Engagement Portfolio is exciting and varied, enabling me to pursue my passions and start my journey in academia and research. As a biracial violinist and singer, I have been observing different musical communities for my entire life and am particularly interested in how different teaching and learning styles are adapted for different communities. As a part of my Master’s dissertation I am researching narrative storytelling in modern concept albums. I have an interest in how music and storytelling work together to help develop and strengthen communities.