Researcher biography

Emeritus Professor David Carter

My main research interests are in the field of 20th-century Australian literary and cultural history, especially publishing history, print culture studies (Australian magazines), and studies of modernity. The transnational dimensions of these interests is reflected in my most recent book, Australian Books and Authors in the American Marketplace, 1840s-1940s (2018) and my collection of essays Always Almost Modern: Australian Print Cultures and Modernity (2013). In 2006 I published the first sole-authored Australian Studies textbook, Dispossession, Dreams and Diversity, widely set but in need of an update! Over the last few years I’ve been a collaborator on a large-scale ‘post-Bourdesian’ study of Australian cultural tastes and practices. The major outcome, Fields, Capital, Habitus: Australian Cultures, Inequalities and Social Divisions, will appear later in 2020. I have a longstanding commitment to Australian Studies internationally. I was formerly Director of the Australian Studies Centre at UQ, Manager of the Australia-China Council’s Australian Studies in China program, President of InASA, and twice Visiting Professor of Australian Studies at Tokyo University.