Henry Friend

Creative Associate
Evolution Productions
The BA program not only equips you with how to think, not what to think, it also allows you to study the widest range of subjects.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?
I firmly believe in the benefits of a liberal tertiary degree as the first step into higher education. For me, I wanted to be able to study in a world class university, in which there was strong emphasis both on academic achievement and sense of belonging. In year 12, I took the time to peruse the best universities that Queensland had on offer, and at these open days UQ was a standout in its ability to foster a sense of community. The student ambassadors highlighted to me the enjoyment they had found within their degrees and with the advice of my school’s guidance councillor I knew that there would be no other University for me. Especially, I put my subject preferences so that no matter what OP I received I would get into UQ.

What are the best things about your program at UQ? Is there anything that you think is special or unique about the program that you are enrolled in?
As a Bachelor of Arts student, I am one of the luckiest undergraduates in the university! A BA is very amazing experience due to the fact that I can pick and choose subjects from any field across all university faculties. If I want to do a pre-med course, I can choose to take it as an elective. Such range in subject choice make the BA a great choice for someone who might not be as certain as to their long term career path. More generally, I think that the BA is a great introduction to higher education through academic rigour of the course, but it also broadens student’s experiences of the world so that a BA graduate has an understanding of issues that are topical. Skills that are learnt are transferrable and mean that BA graduates can matriculate into any field.

Is there a practical, hands-on aspect to your program? If so, did it enhance your learning experience? How?
So far in the BA I have chosen more theoretical subjects as this is where I am most engaged currently. However, I know of many friends completing the BA or other degrees that UQ offer doing work placements. One of my friends is doing Archaeology and they are able to participate in “digs”. While UQ might not have a reputation of being hands-on, the faculties have some high quality experiences that students can take.

Did you complete any previous study in order to attend UQ? Were you awarded a scholarship to study at UQ?
No, but I had experiences with UQ through UQDS and the Philosothon competition where I was able to get a sense of the campus culture and student lifestyles.

Have there been any courses that you’ve found to be particularly useful?
For me, all the courses that I participate in are very useful. Whether this is further insight into the way the world works (POLS1301) or a heightened understanding of the aesthetics of art ARTT1106), I have found all my courses to be utilised on a daily basis. Recently I was talking to a fellow member of the UQCC in regards to eco-tourism and knowledge of a recent lecture in POLS1301 about Green Political Thought became very useful in our critique of the eco-tourism phenomena.

Are there any services/facilities at UQ that you have found to be particularly useful?
I think the Student centres and services at UQ are second to none. I’ve been able to receive very specialised assistance and guidance from said resources and the level of consideration and care are the best. At UQ, you needn’t worry about assistance because the staff in the services and facilities teams are very accommodating and happy to help out. I’ve had assistance with the IT department in setting up my computer and accessing the wifi networks on campus. Everyone genuinely wants to help out and assist with your queries !

What advice would you give people who are considering studying your program at UQ?
For anyone studying the BA program – Go for it! In a rapidly changing job market and business landscape it’s more important now than ever before to study transferrable skills rather than being set into one method of thinking and doing. The BA program not only equips you with how to think, not what to think, it also allows you to study the widest range of subjects. Whether this is for finding out your passion or simply to study broadly, the BA program is one of the few in which personal creativity and thought is the number one priority. Not only this, BA graduates matriculate into all different fields, whether from business management through to drama, a BA can set you up for any life and career and should be seriously considered!

What have you discovered, either personally or academically through your studies at UQ?
Since beginning my studies at UQ, I have discovered a love for education. At university, learning is self-directed and UQ gives the best start to this journey though its great introduction sessions to essay writing, tests and revision. I’ve found that I am enjoying writing assignments as I am in control of the content. Holistically, I have also developed a sense of comradery at UQ, which according to friends at other universities UQ fosters better than any other. I’ve joined numerous clubs and societies and I think that these have all assisted in my personal growth!

How would you describe your UQ study experience?
I would describe my study experience at UQ as incredible. The UQ advantage is the world class lecturers, tutors and resources available to students from day one at the university. No matter what subject you study, UQ ensures that the best resources are on offer to complete the course to the highest of levels. For me, study at UQ has been a joy ride. From the easy timetable planner and blackboard system to house resources, I have been well provided for and nothing is left to chance. I feel that my success is very important to the university and my lecturers.

Have you had a lecturer or tutor that has really inspired you? If so, who was it and why?
All my lecturers and tutors to date have been exceptional and to single one out as better than the others would be to do an injustice to the world class quality of every lecturer and tutor. Each subject I have been in, my lecturers and tutors are highly skilled in the area of study and they take care in their teaching. I am still amazed at the drive they have for their subject and their infectious zeal rubs off easily onto me and the other students in each course!

What is the best extra-curricular activity you’ve been involved with at UQ? Why have you enjoyed it so much?
The best extra-curricular activity I have been involved with so far at UQ is the UQCC (UQ Canoe Club). I’ve enjoyed it because it allows me to keep fit while on campus (I can take a kayak and paddle down the river whenever I’m on campus). Further, there is some great trips and skill development that the club organises. I have enjoyed being able to be in a club that fits with my interests and I’ve enjoyed it so far.


Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Sociology)