We are doing a survey to find out what people think about genomics. Some people find surveys hard to do. If you would like to do an interview instead, please read this page.



Hi, my name is Karen.


I work with Rhonda and Maria at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.


We are doing the ‘We Need to Talk’ research project.

We are interested in what people think about genetic tests.


Our bodies are made of lots of cells. Cells are very tiny. They are like little bags holding things that make our bodies work.

Genes are found in the cells.


Genes have information that decide:

- What our bodies may look like

- If we might have health problem

If we might have a disability


Genetic tests help us to find out about a person’s genes.



Blood or spit is used for genetic tests.



Genetic tests can tell us if a person has genes that cause disability.


People of any age can have a genetic test. Unborn babies can be tested.


We want to know what people with disabilities think about genetic tests.


We want to talk to people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities about genetic tests. This is called an interview.



If you would like to take part in an interview, please call Karen on (07) 3665 6493.



You can also email Karen: weneedtotalk@uq.edu.au



You can win a $100 gift card from Coles Myer by taking part in the interview.