Work Integrated Learning for students

What is Work Integrated Learning?

At UQ, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) describes learning experiences that integrate academic theory with meaningful work experience within a curriculum.

Work Integrated Learning experiences have many forms at UQ, including: industry placements, industry projects, work simulations, field experience, entrepreneurship/enterprise, and reflection on current employment. These experiences can be taken as a component for your major or as an elective.

Participating in WIL also improves graduate employability by increasing work readiness and competitiveness.

Student insights

"The biggest thing that I gained from working on the WIL project was the ability to work with people from different backgrounds and with different skill sets. Where one of us lacked, the other lifted us up. This could be seen clearly in many challenges we faced as a group".

Bachelor of Communication student

"To me, working with the diverse team I had gave me a lot of insights into different thought processes of different backgrounds. In my WIL placement I had the pleasure of being surrounded by engineers, which provided an incredibly scientific and tangible contrast to my more sociology-based ideas and thoughts".

Bachelor of Social Science student


Georgia Lynas - Drama and Communications Graduate

"For future graduates I would really recommend trying to find as many opportunities outside your degree as possible. I got my job with at the Queensland Theatre Company through an internship…any opportunity you can get outside your degree I would take with both hands."

WIL video from the School of Communication and Arts

Dan Seed discusses industry placements across the media, journalism and communication sectors.