WIL students

What is work integrated learning?

At UQ, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) describes learning experiences that integrate academic theory with meaningful workplace practice within a curriculum with the focus being on employability.

Participating in WIL improves graduate employability by increasing work readiness and competitiveness. Engaging in WIL activities provides students with an opportunity to put theoretical learning into practice regardless of the discipline they study.

Work Integrated Learning experiences have many forms, the most common types of WIL at UQ are industry placements, industry projects, work simulations, field experience, entrepreneurship/enterprise, and reflection on current employment.

How do I know if a HASS course offers WIL?

Courses with a Work Integrated Learning component will be identified on the ECP. You can also check your School WIL Information (see below) to find out about WIL courses.

Who arranges WIL in my course?

How WIL is managed is decided by your School and each will be different. In some cases projects are arranged by the School or in others a placement can be identified by students and approved by the School. Check the ECP or contact the Course Co-ordinator for advice.

What else could I do to increase my employability?

Check in regularly with the UQ Employability Centre to find the many opportunities to build you skills and experiences across every year of your study. Don't wait until final year!

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Georgia Lynas - Drama and Communications Graduate


"For future graduates I would really recommend trying to find as many opportunities outside your degree as possible. I got my job with at the Queensland Theatre Company through an internship…any opportunity you can get outside your degree I would take with both hands."