What’s one piece of advice you have for the start of a new semester?

Check out how the HASS Young Alumni Ambassadors responded to the question: what’s one piece of advice you have for the start of a new semester. 


Michael Bruxner - School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

Try and find opportunities to go beyond your courses and become involved in extra-curricular work and opportunities, especially volunteering programs and international experiences. This can help you make a great contribution to your local quickly building employability skills and networks for both your social and professional lives. It's okay to start with something small if you're new to this area, especially if you are only just starting your studies, because this can make you feel more comfortable to take on larger roles in your later studies and your work life.


Coco Bu - School of Education

Knowing what you want to get out of this semester or this year. Like when I studied at UQ Foundation, I knew pretty early that I want to get the scholarship, which was only offered to one student. I tried my very best to get good grades as well as being in the student council to be involved in school affairs. Having a clear goal and knowing what takes to reach that goal is very important.


Brit Hawkins - School of Communication and Arts

Turn up. Even if you know the first class is just going to be walking through the entire course content. Even if you know the tutor is going to force everyone to introduce themselves to the class and you’d rather not. Not only is it an opportunity to meet/suss out your fellow class mates, you’re encouraging yourself to make a habit of going to every class. As soon as you skip one class, it’s easy to skip those that follow.


Brooke Szucs - School of Languages and Cultures

My main advice for starting the semester is to get involved in activities around campus from the beginning! UQ has so much to offer in the way of clubs, volunteering, Student Staff Partnerships, and more, that it would be a waste not to take part in these. When you apply early, not only can you enjoy them before you become too busy during the semester, it’s also a great way to make friends and establish yourself at uni. (Most deadlines are also closed early on, so that’s also something to keep in mind).  It might seem like a waste of time or too troublesome now, but all my best memories and opportunities have come from my involvement in these, and I fully recommend that you try them too.

Matt Watson - School of Social Science 

Set yourself a personal goal or challenge outside of university class work, it could be around a social club, sport or personal improvement unrelated to your degree. This will help ground you a bit as the tides of coursework come and go. Its very easy to set your schedule by the due dates of essays, and lose sight of the world outside the lecture theatre.


Jacinta Zylstra - School of Political Science & International Studies

As cliche as it is, I think the best piece of advice for the start of a new year, or new semester, is don’t hold back. In any way - academic, social or in extracurricular activities. My best semesters were the ones that I convinced myself to go the extra mile; to attend tutors’ office hours, to go to events without considering the travel time and to seek out opportunities that uni might have to offer if you actually bother to look.


Daisy Thomas - School of Psychology

Plan in advance! I always found it easier to get through a semester when I planned out my study schedule and added in due dates for exams and assignments when they were available.