Digital Cultures & Societies Events

  • Works in Progress at Digital Cultures and Societies

    During these sessions, a researcher presents a piece they are currently working on, another researcher offers a response, and this is followed by an open discussion among attendees.

    These sessions are designed to facilitate connections within our research community and across faculties, for researchers to receive early feedback during the writing process, and/or for researchers to gain experience presenting in a supportive environment.
  • Talk from Professor Martin Volk and Panel Discussion on ChatGPT

    Prof. Martin Volk explores some current uses of large language models in the Digital Humanities and speculates about future opportunities
  • Digital Platforms in Asia: The Politics of Labour, Health, and Regulation

    This event brings together researchers exploring the relationship between digital platforms and labour, health, and regulation across Asia.
  • Fitter, Happier, More Productive: Algorithmic Regimes & the Future of Work

    This two-day symposium brings together researchers across multiple institutions to investigate the relationship between work and automation.
  • Public talk with Mark Taylor: Living with Data

    Digital Cultures & Societies: Challenging assumptions about the relationship between awareness of and attitudes to data uses amongst the UK public
  • Making Culture After Digital Platforms

    Digital Cultures & Societies Series - This event brings together researchers exploring the impact of media platforms on cultural production. This session is being held on Friday 9 September.
  • Online Hate Speech and Misinformation

    Digital Cultures & Societies Series - This series of short talks and discussion explores the topic of online hate speech and misinformation from a variety of perspectives. This session is being held on Friday 12 August.
  • Gender, Digital Culture and Consent

    Digital Cultures & Societies Series - A series of talks on topics relating to gender, digital culture, and consent followed by a panel conversation being held on Thursday 14 July.
  • Digital Cultures & Societies Launch

    Please join us on Thursday 28 July for the launch of Digital Cultures & Societies at UQ with a public talk from Professor Frank Pasquale from the Brooklyn Law School who is an expert on the law of AI, algorithms, and machine learning.
  • Digital Transactions in India: Platforms, Markets & Users

    In 2021, Researchers from UQ's Digital Cultures & Societies Hub, Centre for Policy Futures, and School of Communication and Arts brought together leading figures of India’s Fintech in conversation with Australian scholars focusing their research on digital transactions in India and the wider international significance of India’s digital agenda.