Why choose us?

With UQ’s Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences you can explore your ideas and passions, looking at past and present game-changers to shape the future you want for yourself and your world.

Curious and ambitious students find their passion and purpose here. They learn to think differently and use their understanding to change the world, whatever career they pursue.

As a student, you can choose from more than 45 different study areas to launch your career - from the classics to the contemporary.

Our academic staff are experts in their field working as collaborators, teachers, writers and researchers to inform public policy and confront popular perceptions.

Our teachers have won numerous awards for the innovative ways they engage students with esoteric subject matter, traditional learning tools and contemporary technology.

What they explore in the classroom (and beyond) is referenced for texts and resources as best practice in diverse learning contexts, including schools, private enterprise, governments and community organisations.

The unique institutes and centres within this faculty have placed UQ highly in all the major world rankings, and attracted major social sciences research investment from the public and private sector.

We are proud to claim among our alumni hundreds of world-renowned professionals who have built their outstanding careers on the foundations of an arts, humanities or social sciences degree.

If you want to learn differently and base your expertise on understanding how and why people interact with each other and the universe, start your personal discovery here.