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Thank you from the Executive Dean

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences asks hard hitting questions, and seeks pertinent answers. What is the future of our human workforce? What lessons from our past are relevant for the future? How do creativity and curiosity impact our society? Our people think carefully, share generously, and collaborate fearlessly, amplifying the voices that most need to be heard, making worlds bigger, and transforming culture.

None of this work occurs in isolation. The HASS Faculty is committed to collaborating with our community to enable great change. Whether you are alumni, friend or industry partner, there are a number of ways you can get involved, and one of the most powerful is through philanthropic support. You can empower students to achieve greatness; enable research and discover new knowledge; or enhance our ability to improve educational outcomes into the future. We welcome any conversation about how we can create a future for the better, together.

To our countless supporters who have made a meaningful difference in our Faculty’s long history, and to anyone considering support of HASS in the future – we say thank you. You are part of a vibrant and vital community, who are building humanities and social sciences for a future that sorely needs them.

Professor Heather Zwicker
Executive Dean
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Globetrotters Grant

The HASS Globetrotters Grant enables students to take charge of their learning with an international experience unique to their professional goals.

Thanks to the Globetrotters Grant, I was able to go to Arizona and work as a Media Director for the Hip Hop Championships.

Alynna Wong

Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)


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Current funds you can support

Clare Atkinson Memorial Scholarship
HASS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship
Michael Cameron Fund & Down Syndrome Research
AustLit & BlackWords writers and publications.

Transformational Gifts

The Paul Eliadis Chair of Classics and Ancient History at UQ was established to raise the profile of ancient history studies through research and teaching.

You may choose to support any of the existing and diverse initiatives across the Faculty, or work with our Advancement team to create change that is meaningful to you.


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