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Make the most of your HASS Experience

The Student Futures Team is here to help you make the most of your experience in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS). We offer opportunities for you to build strong networks with peers and staff, and enhance your employability through international and extracurricular experiences.

Having graduated from UQ with a Bachelor of Arts, I know first-hand the many pathways you can take with a HASS degree. For me, this meant working overseas in non-profits, government and start-ups, where I focused on managing education programs. I applied skills I’d started honing during my studies: communicating with a diverse range of people, succinctly writing reports about social and political issues, and working in a team.

But I didn’t just study at UQ - I got involved in student clubs, interned in political offices, worked part-time in the UQ international office, and volunteered in schools and hospitals. These experiences helped me to contextualise my studies and of course build my CV! I graduated from UQ knowing I had a great position waiting for me in the Department of Education.

Now I want to help you have the same fantastic experience that I had at UQ. There are so many opportunities available – it’s just about putting yourself out there and finding them!

Check out our initiatives, explore the opportunities we have for you, and read stories of how students have taken advantage of the support and services available at UQ.

Yvonne Oberhollenzer
Manager, Student Futures Team
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences