Dionysos: Portrait of a God Opening

1 June 2018 3:00pm1 May 2019 4:00pm
Dionysos: Portrait of a God explores the many faces of Dionysos in the Classical Greek world through artefacts from the Antiquities Museum and Australian partner institutions.

Yerrabilela Talking about songs

20 August 2018 11:00am14 December 2018 3:00pm
This exhibition is held from 20 August - 14 December 2018 in the UQ Anthropology Museum.

Free pre-concert talk: Love Conquers All - Plato, Bernstein and their Serenade to love

21 October 2018 1:00pm1:45pm
Join the School of Music for this free pre-concert talk, delivered by Dr Vincent Plush.

Lenny and Dmitri: Cold War Titans

21 October 2018 2:00pm4:00pm
Presented by The University of Qld Vice-Chancellor’s Concert Series in association with QPAC.

Seminar: Why every foodie needs to understand capitalism

24 October 2018 10:00am12:00pm
Why every foodie needs to understand capitalism: Examining the intersection of capitalism, agriculture, food, land, power and privilege in the food system.

The Blood Votes: a new play by Michael Futcher, performed by the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

7 November 2018 7:30pm11 November 2018 4:00pm
The world premiere of the play 'The Blood Votes' will be performed by Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, supported by The University of Queensland Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Queensland Government.

Paula and Tony Kinnane Annual Lecture 2018

17 October 2018 6:00pm8:15pm
Join The University of Queensland's School of Music for the second annual Paula and Tony Kinnane Lecture.
Adani: A Defining Moment for Indigenous Rights in Australia?

Adani: A Defining Moment for Indigenous Rights in Australia?

2 October 2018 6:00pm8:00pm
This panel discussion, bringing together some of the country’s leading thinkers and front line campaigners, will examine Australia’s love affair with coal.

Empowering India

23 May 2018 9:30am10:30am

Stories of belonging

18 May 2018 6:00pm20 May 2018 6:00pm

Spanish Careers Event

18 October 2017 4:15pm7:00pm

Latin American Film Festival

13 October 2017 6:00pm15 October 2017 6:30pm

Academic Freedom, the Humanities, and China

12 October 2017 6:00pm7:30pm
“History Speaks: Humanity’s Challenges”, a public lecture series presented by the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

Memory and Dialogue for Justice: A South African Perspective

29 September 2017 12:00pm1:00pm
Join us for the Development Practice Public Lecture, delivered by Verne Harris, Director of Archive and Dialogue at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Cape Town.
Linda Burney MP

Reconciliation, Referendum and Agreement Making

18 September 2017 6:30pm7:30pm
The University of Queensland School of Political Science and International Affairs invites you to attend a public lecture delivered by the Honourable Linda Burney MP, Shadow Member for Human Services, Labor Member for Barton.