Our schools

Communication and Arts
The School that changes the way people interpret, make and remake their world.

Share your love of learning with future generations and contribute to teaching best practice.

Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Critically evaluate the theories, arguments, rhetoric and reasoning that have united and divided societies, cultures and civilisations.

Languages and Cultures
Develop the linguistic and intellectual skills for communicating within and across cultures with sensitivity and success.

Orchestrate the professional status of your career as a performer, music researcher, creative consultant, teacher or therapist.

Political Science and International Studies
Contribute to peace and conflict resolution strategies with an understanding of global issues and intellectual skills that can influence powerful change.

Social Science
Dig into the contours of culture, across space and through time, to discover what makes societies function, breakdown, adapt and survive.

Our research centres and institutes


Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities 
Dedicated to high level research in Intellectual and Literary History, Critical and Cultural Studies, the History of Emotions, and Science and Society. 

Institute for Social Science Research
Building the knowledge that will improve economic and social wellbeing for individuals, families and communities.

Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect
A unique regional centre for advancing the responsibility to protect principle through research and policy dialogue.

Centre for Communication and Social Change
Developing communication techniques and technology for social, economic and sustainable development.

Graduate Centre in Governance and International Affairs
Home to postgraduate programs in the School of Political Science and International Studies - areas include Governance and Public Policy, International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies.

The University of Queensland Rotary Peace Centre
One of six centres worldwide generating and sharing knowledge about international relations, conflict prevention and peace building.

Confucius Institute
Promoting cultural and collaborative exchange with China.