The WhatIF Consortium consists of interested scholars from around the globe. Please email us if you would like to join.

Associate Professor, Anglia Ruskin University

Interests: Surrealism (in its global contexts), science fiction & the anti/fascist imaginary (historical and contemporary); arts-based community action research using surrealist methodologies to explore and respond to issues of social justice, such as refugee migration.

Associate Professor, Flinders University

Interests: Using speculative fiction to extrapolate on real world scenarios and imagine potential futures; world-building (historical, future, and imaginary worlds); exploring how shared languages (metaphor, dialects, etc) can bond people.

PhD student, University of Strathclyde

Interests: Speculative/Science Fictional and Fantastical Futures. Social (Meta-)Narrative and Storytelling. Non-Western-Traditional Writing as Anarchitecture and Breaking The (Video) Game. Adaptation of myth and folklore as critique of white supremacist patriarchal systems. The World versus the Hero Tale. Canon, fanon, fandom and the Magic Circle.

Principal Research Fellow, Griffith University and Trusted Autonomous Systems

Interests: Writing science fiction with real world engineering capabilities for innovation in defence.

Associate Professor, University of California-Riverside
Faculty member in the Speculative Fictions & Cultures of Science research cluster at UC Riverside.

Interests: Author of Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science Fiction. Interested in antiracist, decolonial, media history, and fan culture perspectives on speculation.decolonial, media history, and fan culture perspectives on speculation.

PhD Student, University of California-Riverside

Interests: Representations of robots, androids and AI, the relationship between race and technology, techno-orientalism, the ethics of representation, posthumanism, postcolonialism.  

Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
Co-Director of the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic

Interests: Co-editor of Perspectives on Fantasy series (Bloomsbury). Interests: medievalism, myth and fantasy, children's fantasy, race and cultural history, worldbuilding, fantasy and science.

Lecturer, University of Leeds

Interests: Author of Cyberpunk Culture and Psychology: Seeing Through the Mirrorshades (2021). Interests in cyberpunk, medical humanities, medicine/care/traumatic pregnancy in the Anthropocene, and representations of AI and platform capitalism.


Interests: Science fiction and fantasy; magic realism; the intersection between form and meaning, where form is both the structure of a piece and the physicality of the art piece or book.

Jesse Olsen

Senior Lecturer (Leadership), The University of Melbourne

Interests: Organisational behaviour, human resource management, hobbies and work, and tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs; e.g., Dungeons & Dragon).


Interests: Writing near-future fiction - novels and short stories; Projects to explore ethics of science and technology using speculative fiction; Working with the public, especially young people, to think and write about their future(s).

Reader, University of Liverpool
Co-Director of the Olaf Stapledon Centre for Speculative Futures

Interests: SF and Futures; working with various sectors and companies to use sf to help them think through the future; representations of AI.

Flinders University
Senior Lecturer

Interests: Interrogating contemporary mores through speculation and experiment in liminal space. Creating in collaboration (occasionally with AI) across genres, art forms and for diverse audiences.