The Top 3 Sources for solid Academic Information for HASS students.

So this is what the high-ups want you to THINK is the most important thing.   Just remember that famous quote "Don't let School get in the way of your Education"!  Seriously though, these are your go-to, book-markable, favouritedest, and shareable sources for life-saving academic info!

1. MyUQ

For one-stop shops on the big generic questions faced by all UQ students, you really can't get passed this one.  You can search almost any question you have in your favourite search engine and add "UQ" to it and you will likely get a response or link from myuq.  You might as well add it to your faviourites, it's a serious lifeline!

2. The HASS Student Admin Team

The cogs behind the machine, the wind beneath your wings!  When it comes to HASS-specific or BA-specific questions, this is your go-to team!

The Student Admin Team are an amazing bunch of people who live in Forgan Smith Building E206, and while you may not know them, they probably know you!  Sound creepy, don't worry, they've been processing your enrollments, progression checks, course changes, show-cause, exchange study plans, and much MUCH more since you arrived and they take great pride in helping students graduate smoothly!  

When it comes to help with your studies and, in particular your programs, they are an invaluable resource and if they don't know the answer, they'll direct you to someone who does.  

They have a great Program Advice page on the website, and you can get in touch with them email them on Ask HASS online, or call them at +61 (07) 3365 1333.

Should also be a thing.

3. How2HASS on YouTube

Want a walk through on how to do things progression checks, applying for exchange, changing majors, or structuring (or even understanding) your degree?  This new student-created YouTube channel/playlist may just be your best bet.  At very least you'll get some great info and have fun while getting it!  don't forget to like, subsrcibe, and ring that bell!  =P

4. (BONUS) BA/Program Planner

Okay, this is only for students in the BA program (which is most of you, actually) but it will be soon rolling out across other programs in good time!

This is an amazing site that helps build your degree!  No, really.  It lets you plan out what you want to take and when to take it, even including exhcange, it helps vet your study-plan and can even help you enroll.  If you're in the BA in HASS, it's a MUST and if you're not, keep an ear to the ground for it going live for your program soon.