Industry partnerships

Why partner with us

Our industry partnerships produce ground-breaking research and innovations that solve complex problems, drives economic growth, and create a  skilled workforce. When universities and industry combine their technical skills, knowledge, and resources they can tackle the most complex challenges in society. Experts and students from across HASS are available to work with you.

 Industry experiences and placements 

HASS students offer unique insights to many workplaces. HASS students have a strong track record of contributing: 

  • insights into community issues and challenges; 
  • new ideas for start-ups or social enterprises; 
  • support for research projects; and 
  • policy advice.  

Add unique insights to your organisation; consider offering an industry placement or scholarship to HASS students. 

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Mentoring is one of the most effective forms of professional development for both the mentor and mentee. As a mentor, you will help students navigate the transition from university to work. Mentor a HASS student to: 

  • enhance your professional profile; 
  • improve your coaching and mentoring skills; and
  • connect with talented students (potential future employees).  

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Industry insights

Join us at events including networking evenings, guest lectures and special fundraisers. Whether you’re a seasoned UQ alumnus or an industry professional, get in touch to meet current students and connect with the next wave of UQ graduates.  

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 Industry research partnerships

Our researchers partner with a broad range of organisations in the public, private and not for profit sectors - locally and globally - to deliver research outcomes that create change. For example, our research partnerships inform the development of public policy, improve student learning and wellbeing, generate new understanding about cultures and languages, and enhance commercial and public programs and services.  By partnering with us, your research will benefit from the expertise of our world-class researchers, who are skilled in translating research outcomes into real-world impacts.

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Bachelor of Arts Advisory Board

The Board provides independent advice about the development of the Bachelor of Arts, the student experience, and employability of graduates. 

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