During her time at UQ, Aimee was able to be part of a reporting team working in Vietnam; official US Embassy Approved media at President Barack Obama’s speech at UQ during the G20; and made three short documentary films for The Wesley Hospital and Uniting Care.

As a producer at Brisbane moving image studio, TheStoryBoxes, Aimee believes one of the biggest assets of UQ’s School of Communication and Arts is the Media and Production Support team - who run a series of workshops that teach students how to use different camera and media equipment.

“Having these skills has been invaluable for me to be able to create and tell unique visual stories about amazing individuals from all over the world,” she said.

This experience has led Aimee to travel to Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Canada.

Aimee is currently a Teaching Assistant at UQ, tutoring 1st to 3rd year courses covering cultural communication, digital media, and data analytics.

About Aimee

As a documentary filmmaker, I am driven by the 'why' behind stories; the motivations, ideas and musings that inspire individuals to take action and make a change. In my role as impact producer at TheStoryBoxes, I actualise these motivations, translating thoughts into tangible, evocative and emotive films that can be shared across multiple platforms.

I have produced documentary films in locations across the world, including Pakistan, Samoa, Jordan, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and The Philippines. In many of these regions, I have worked with the community and local leaders in a capacity-building position, training them in the use of digital communication and mobile technologies.

My passion for creating and measuring social impact also carries through to my position at The University of Queensland, where I support students in their development of critical thinking and analytical processes in the fields of multimedia, digital analytics, media cultures, and automated media. Through teaching and applied learning activities, I am taking direct action to ensure individuals and communities are equipped with the knowledge to address the ever-growing intersections between technology and society.