How to boost Indigenous participation in STEM

11 March 2024
Associate Professor Marnee Shay
Associate Professor Marnee Shay.

Researchers from The University of Queensland conducted research for the Diversity in STEM Review about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ views on STEM, including increasing the use of Indigenous STEM knowledge and growing the number of Indigenous peoples in STEM.

Associate Professor Marnee Shay from UQ's School of Education led the study, which included an online survey of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults’ views on STEM.

It was the largest survey of its kind and found that almost one quarter of survey respondents had not heard the term “STEM”.

Dr Shay said this needs to change if we want to increase Indigenous participation in STEM.

"It is difficult to promote STEM opportunities to our communities if terminology and language aren’t relatable or understood well."

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