Associate Professor Ian Hardy researches and teaches in the areas of educational policy and politics at The University of Queensland's School of Education. Dr Hardy's teaching at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels, and his service to the research, professional and wider community is informed by research into the relationship between education and society, particularly broader policy and political discourses, and educators' responses to the socio-political contexts in which their work is undertaken. Current and future research focuses upon continued work on the nature and effects of data as currently constituted in educational (particularly schooling) settings in different national and international contexts (including in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America). This includes in relation to various kinds of ‘big data’ as relevant to educational (particularly schooling) settings. Current and future research also includes work in relation to the nature and effects of Artificial Intelligence and processes of automation more broadly in educational settings, including how this influences educators' work and learning in schooling and other (formal and informal) educational settings. This includes how educators’ work is reconstituted, including in relation to issues of trust, and how professional autonomy is potentially recalibrated under these conditions.