Call for Research Assistants

The Centre for Policy Futures will shortly commence a project with QLD Correctional Services into the prevalence of disability among inmates in Queensland prisons – and we are looking for Research Assistants to perform the onsite disability screen.

The RA role will involve administering a disability survey or screening tool to male prisoners in Woodford Correctional Facility or to female prisoners in the Gatton Correctional Facility.

Ras must be flexible and available in late February – early May 2019 to perform the onsite disability screen. RAs will be paid a daily wage; daily stipend for meals/incidentals ($20 per day); and petrol allowance (including any motor toll payments).

We are willing to work as flexibly with the RA as possible – full-time and part-time (on days that suit) options are available. The RA will need to undergo a compulsory criminal history check and sign confidentiality agreements. They will also need to undergo QCS-run custodial awareness training.

Interested Research Assistants should contact lead researcher Dr Claire Brolan by 15 January 2019 at or phone 3443 3151.