The UQ Criminology and Criminal Justice Society held a career networking evening in collaboration with the Geography and Environmental Society, the United Nations Student Association and the Wildlife Association. The aim of the event was to provide students from a range of disciplines the opportunity to network with industry professionals working in various organisations in the growing industry of environmental crime and protection. Three speakers with significant experience and knowledge in environmental crime provided an overview of their career journey and the kind of skills needed for a career in this area. After the formal speaking portion of the event concluded the guests spent the remaining time networking over food and drinks. 

"I believe this event has strengthened my commitment to my own personal and professional development. As the president, the event highlighted the importance of offering our members continued networking opportunities. As a society, we seek to express and instill the values of continuous learning, community, excellence and social responsibility. This event provided a practical outlet of expression for these values." Amy Templar, President of the UQ Criminology and Criminal Justice Society.