HASS Student Ambassadors

In their role, HASS Ambassadors assist us at our events and workshops throughout the year by sharing their experiences, tips and ideas with future students.

If you're passionate about what you do and want to inspire future educators, philosophers, musicians and social science gurus, join us as a HASS Ambassador!

What do HASS Student Ambassadors do?

Our Student Ambassadors represent the Faculty at school visits, campus tours, recruitment events and career events such as UQ Open Day and TSXPO.

Student Ambassadors work alongside other UQ staff and students and meet with prospective students to help them make informed choices about studying in the Humanities and Social Sciences at UQ.

Why should you become a HASS Student Ambassador?

Just to remind you why you should be involved:

  • Get paid! Over $30 per hour
  • Develop your public-speaking and communication skills when meeting with prospective students
  • Enhance your networking and interpersonal skills at various events throughout the year
  • Get involved in campus life and experience all the great things that UQ has to offer
  • Receive references and recognition for your contribution to the University
  • Most importantly, you’ll be inspiring a whole new generation of students to study humanities and social sciences at UQ.

 How do I become a HASS Student Ambassador?

Please email your interest to engagement@hass.uq.edu.au