The Future of Work

Critical thinking, interpersonal and people skills are not easily automated and will become top priorities in future workplaces. Universities need to help students to shift their mindsets from preparing for a specific graduate job to focusing on a portfolio of transferable skills that will allow them to succeed in an automated and globalised workplace.


HASS Graduate Pathways 

The Student Futures team engaged the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) to undertake a series of analyses capturing job destinations of graduates in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Australia. The analyses are based on three datasets: the Australian Census of Population and Housing; Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey; and the Graduate Outcomes Survey.

A complementary perspective

Complementing this work, 

Where are HASS graduates now?

We collected and analysed publically available LinkedIn profile data of over 15,000 UQ HASS graduates to better understand the career pathways of alumni. We found that a large number of alumni work in higher education, public education or government (with many working at UQ). Most live in Australia, United States or United Kingdom.