The HASS ARC Discovery Projects (DP23) 2022 outcomes have been announced! 

Congratulations to the following HASS researchers who have been awarded Discovery Projects from the Australian Research Council for 2023:

  • Prof Lisa Featherstone (Historical and Philosophical Inquiry); Dr Andy Kaladelfos (UNSW); Dr Yorick Smaal (Griffith); Dr Bianca Fileborn (UniMelb) awarded $459,992 in funding for their project titled: Responding to Sexual Harm: An Australian Historical Criminology Approach.
    Despite sustained interventions from the 1970s onwards, sexual harm is a problem of enormous magnitude within Australia. The project focuses on contemporary histories of reform, aiming to understand how social, political, legal and cultural contexts have shaped experiences and conceptualisations of sexual harm. This project expects to generate vital knowledge on the impacts of recent historical reforms on diverse communities, advance mixed methods and co-design approaches in historical criminology, and enhance Australia’s research capacity by training a new team of topic matter experts. By understanding the impacts of past reform, findings should provide significant benefits in informing future reforms and responses to sexual harm. 
  • Prof Chris Clarkson (Social Science); Prof Veerle Rots (University of Liège, Belgium); and Prof Mark Collard (SFU, British Columbia) awarded $441,909 in funding for their project titled: High-speed impact fractures and the global origins of projectile technology.
    It is often argued that complex projectile technology emerged and spread out of Africa with Homo sapiens, but this hypothesis remains untested. Recent research shows certain tip fractures and usewear/residues on stone points may be diagnostic of high-speed projectile impacts, facilitating identification of early complex projectiles. This project aims to use controlled ballistic experiments to generate diagnostic markers of high-speed impacts, test these against ethnographic collections, and analyse archaeological points on four continents. This project should provide significant benefits in understanding the origins of complex projectiles, their role in human dispersal, inter-species competition and reasons for early appearance in Australia.

Further congratulations to the following HASS Researchers who are CIs on successful projects that are led elsewhere:

If you were successful and are not listed above, please email