This workshop series is designed for students who are looking to translate their HASS education, into professional capabilties that can boost their employability. As a HASS Student, you know that your studies could see you exploring a wide variety of future careers, these workshops will provide you with the opportunity to hone your tragectory and enhance your prospects of future success in your desired industry. 

You might have been to branding, resume writing, or interview workshops previously, however the key difference in the Employabillty Enhancer workshop series, is that we are 'HASSifying' the content. What this means is that we will incorporate HASS activities and speakers into each workshop, to ensure that the experience is relatable to your studies and future career path.   

This series of workshops is recommended for final years of study/ postgraduate students & those who have a lot of work experience. If you are a beginner, we would recommend accessing some of the SEED Employability workshops available here

The below workshops will all be delivered virtually and are therefore accessable to students both onshore and offshore.