HASS Student Podcasts: Created for UQ Students by UQ Students

Students from across HASS have come together to create a series of podcast episodes covering everything from HASS careers, navigating your degree, and tips on making the most of your UQ experience.   

HASS Student Podcasts:

The Unpredictable Podcast 
Episode 1: Unpredictable- Your Questions Answered
Episode 2: Jess and Michelle Bates- Communications, Employability and Commsgrad
Episode 3: Lindy and Bronson- Money Money Money, not so funny in a uni student’s world…
Episode 4: Moeko and Ella Fence- Creating during lockdown, Adaptability and Horses
Episode 5: Jess and Mey Orchard – Recruitment, College and Getting Involved at UQ
Podcast Project with Cheryl & Emmy Series 
Pilot: Get To Know the UQ Modern History Society 
HASS Spotlight Podcast
Pilot: Uni as an External Student
Episode 2: Master of Applied Linguistics student Zhiyi Liu
HASS Careers Podcast Series
Episode 1: HASS Employability
Episode 2: Language Careers
So What? Podcast Series
Episode 1: Uncertainty

HASS Breakdown Podcast Series

Produced by the HASS Breakdown Podcast Team (Andrea Ormsby and Tom Russell) as part of the HASS Digital Comms Team 2021.

Episode 1: HASS Orientation
Episode 2 - 3 : Common Mistakes  
Episode 4 - 5 : Assignments and Teacher Expectations
Episode 6 - 7: Going on Exchange