HASS Volunteers

How can you Volunteer with HASS?

Opportunities to volunteer for 2022 are now available! Applications close on the 25th of January so get in quick!

Step 1: Complete your Get Involved Registration and Training 

  • Please note, there is no need to 'apply' through Get Involed, once you are registered and have completed the induction training, please proceed to step 2 below. 

Step 2: Apply for HASS Volunteering opportunities 

Why Volunteer with HASS?

With a focus on orientation (Welcome Crew), study pathways, employability, and cohort-building, volunteering is an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone, learn new skills, and be more connected and involved within the HASS community.  

Open to all HASS students who are looking for opportunities to volunteer and develop their employability skills!

As a HASS Volunteer you get to:

  • Be part of a community of dedicated HASS students
  • Offer informal advice, answer questions, and share your experiences with new students
  • Help students create connections with their peers, mentors, and the faculty
  • Extend your skills, such as event logistics, promotion, reporting, and communications 
  • Participate as a digital communications and community team member
  • Access unique professional development workshops
  • Receive recognition from the faculty for your contributions

As a HASS Volunteer you'll be provided with regular opportunities to engage in HASS Orientation Welcome Events, HASS cohort and school related nititiatives, and broader UQ and community volunteer opportunities.  Being a HASS Volunteer is a great way to get your foot in the door and experience behind the scenes UQ activities and events, gain confidence and new friends, and of course develop those all important employability skills!

Program Activities:

  • HASS Events
  • UQ and Community Volunteer Opportunities
  • Curated Professional Development Opportunities
  • Celebration Event

Participating as a HASS Volunteer contributes to the UQ Employability Award.

Looking for other opportunities? 

If you're looking for other ways to improve your confidence, add to your employability and discover new pathways, you should also check out: 


For further information contact:

Kal Dawson - Project Officer

E: kal.dawson@uq.edu.au