How to HASS Series

Held prior to O-Week.

Unsure where to start? Look no further. How to HASS Week teaches you all the basics that you need to know, to get started on your university journey. We recommend signing up to as many session as possible as they as they all cover different, and important, UQ systems and services that you will use throughout the remainder of your UQ Journey.

  1. How to HASS - Enrolling and Timetabling in HASS (online) *14 June 2023
  2. How to HASS - IT Essentials (online)
  3. How to HASS - Using UQ.Learn (online)
  4. How to HASS - Accessing Support Services (online)

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ID Cards:

You are eligible for your new student ID card 24 hours after you have completed all of your SI-net tasks and you have enrolled in your subjects. We recommend your request your ID card by Monday 10 July to ensure you can collect it before attending your first on campus orientation session.  Find out more