Phoebe's Unexpected Connection with History

UQ History student Phoebe Le Brocque talks about connecting with history in an unexpected way - inspired by William S. Burroughs, she explored the urban nooks of New York City and the heroin subculture that has historically occupied the city.

Content Warning: this video contains discussion of drug use. 

Advice from the Author's Journey

While it can be daunting to do independent research, my favourite history courses have encouraged students to engage with their own projects. I've loved many of the history classes I've taken, but the latter third year classes tend to have more freedom in the final assessment (and it becomes easy to write 3000+ words when you've found a passionate project). If you're studying history at UQ, you should look forward to:

HIST3302 - The City in History

WRIT3613 - History in Action


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