Karyn Walsh has worked in the not-for-profit sector addressing homeless since 1978. During this time, Karyn has worked with many groups to create organisations and services to respond to the local circumstances of people experiencing homelessness and the economic and social systems which create homelessness in the first place. This has involved work across many population groups such as young people, young pregnant and parenting women, women and children escaping domestic violence, individuals, couples and families living on the streets, in cars, parks and motels. In recognising our current housing crisis across all communities in Australia Karyn is particularly interested in how we create a more equitable and inclusive housing system that is affordable, has security of tenure and when needed embedded services and healthcare tailored to the needs of tenants. Karyn has advocated for Housing First and Supportive Housing to form an integral part of our housing system. Karyn is the CEO of Micah Projects which provides a range of services and is the backbone organisation for Brisbane Zero; and an inaugural member and former Chair of the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness.